Video recording

We record video in 4K Ultra HD and FULL HD format. We have the necessary knowledge and skills in the use of professional video and audio equipment (video and photo cameras with lenses, audio equipment, drones, stabilizers for moving cameras, lighting, etc.).

The aesthetics of the recording are adapted to the purpose of the video film and to the needs and wishes of the client.

Access to recording

The basic idea of ​​the "gun and run" approach is to capture authentic moments or events without prior directing or planning. This can result in rawer and more spontaneous material, which often has an energy and authenticity that is difficult to reproduce in more controlled settings.

Gun and run

This approach is often used by documentary filmmakers or journalists who want to record reality as it is, without artificial interference or directing. It can also be used in making videos for social media or vlogs, where quick response and spontaneity are valued more than high production.


Sound quality

Audio recording in videos plays a key role in creating a quality and professional audiovisual experience. Quality sound can significantly improve the overall impression of the viewer, giving them a deeper insight into the story and improving the emotional connection with the content.